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Guiding Principles


  • Foster Innovation. Exchanging of ideas, approaches, data and capabilities between the research community and the industry leaders seeking to implement innovation with AI and computer vision.
  • Discover and Share Opportunities. The research community is often plagued by small teams, working in virtual isolation and without access to capability to implement the interoperability, security and operational requirements of the industry. Our aim is provide teams with the tools, resources and expertise to shorten the time to market of their innovation. Also, by preserving a priority of capabilities as demanded by industry stakeholders we can also provide steering and guidance to future steering efforts.
  • Support the Research Community. One of our main goals is to offer better incentives to the research community. In our opinion, innovation is often stifled and slowed down on its path from the laboratory to the market by the research teams often being more concerned with papers and citation indexes and securing their next round of financing than their are with finding practical implementations of their work.  
  • Preserve a Clear Roadmap. We keep a close eye on the demands of the industry so as to be build a prioritized roadmap that guides future research effort. With all the hype peaking around computer vision, clients are confused by the myriad of algorithms and services, while researchers and developers often devote their effort and energy to what’s cool rather than to what’s useful.
  • Ethical Computer Vision – A strong community is brought together not just by technology and opportunity, but also by values. We consider it a part of our core mission to educate the computer vision community about ethical use and general concerns of AI: fairness (lack of bias), data protection, transparency, openness and proportionality of purpose.

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